About myself...


As a qualified Personnel Manager (BPL degree, U.O.F.S), I hold 6 years’ experience in personnel and recruitment. I thus understand the importance of finding the right person to fit into a specific environment and team. The people at our work places do not only need competency but they also form an integral part of our lives and therefore, I take my role as “guardian at the gate” very seriously.


With a further 20 years’ experience as a Counsellor and Complementary health therapist, I believe this ‘different’ background has given me that ‘something special’ to do the work of recruitment to assist you, the client, to make the best possible candidate choices for your  company.


The simple truth is  that recruitment, being made up of people, is just as complex and multi-faceted as the individual person. It is full of surprises, beautiful career stories, awesome people, disappointments and many, many learning experiences. I find it a stimulating environment in which I can give of myself.

Service to the client


We offer the full end-to-end recruitment and selection function, from acceptance of task to final placement, comparable to be an extension of your own business.


This service includes the following:


  • Gaining a full understanding from the client in terms of client culture and environment as well as client needs.
  • Sourcing candidates with utmost sensitivity to confidentiality via advertising,  networks, if needed headhunting.
  • Candidate selection.
  • Competency based interviewing.
  • Well-presented CV’s of top candidates to the client.
  • Preparing candidates selected by client for their interview.
  • Setting up interviews and responses between client and candidates.
  • Competency based reference checking.
  • Gathering of necessary candidate documentation (ID, qualifications, payslips etc.)
  • Credit, criminal, qualifications verifications (upon request from client).
  • Ongoing feedback from both client and placed candidate to ensure a smooth induction process.

Service to the candidate


It is my intent to treat the process with the candidate with the sensitivity it deserves and to assist the candidate with

 the following:


  • Career guidance and counselling.
  • Full interview guidance and if needed preparation.
  • Handling all communication with the client for you.
  • Salary benchmarking advice.
  • Facilitating the job offer.
  • Support during the transition phase once you have been placed to make the process as comfortable as possible for you.

The Edelweiss flower


The Edelweiss, the symbol of my service, is related to the daisy or sunflower family and is very scarce, found only on the mountain regions of the Alps and the Carpathians. The dense hair adorning it acts as protection against the cold, aridity and ultra-violet radiation of the high mountains.

According to folk tradition, giving this flower to a loved one is a promise of dedication, and it stands for nobility, rugged purity and perfection. The possession of one was said to be proof of unusual daring, especially among the mountaineers of these far-to-reach placed.

Those are the hallmarks of Edelweiss Recruiting: finding scarce people for sometimes hard-to-reach heights, providing protection to our clients, ensuring dedication and nobility in all we do, aiming for purity and perfection.



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