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Telephonic Interviews

More and more companies and recruiters are now using telephone interviews in the initial stages of the hiring process to do a basic assessment whether or not to take you, the candidate, further through the application process and meeting you face-to-face.....

The Cover Letter

If you are going to write a cover letter then it needs to be done with thought and care as a cover letter can be all too easily be damaging to your chances.

The purpose of a cover letter is to secure an interview. I advise against a general cover letter, it should rather be written to a specific company / person for a specific job spec. A cover letter should capture the recruiters or employer’s attention and motivate an employer to interview you.....

Interview Questions (Tips)

Practice interview questions and your responses to the usual questions employers ask. Your responses should include actual examples and successes from your life that you can use to describe your skills. Emphasize what you can do to benefit the company.....

Counteroffer Acceptance

Accepting a counter offer is possibly the worst thing you can do for your career. In our business we refer to this as ‘career suicide’.

Candidates may not realise how many ripple effects the choice to take a counteroffer has......

General Interview Advice

Most employees will do a social-media background check on prospective employees.  Online mistakes can last forever, so always be responsible in your posts and interactions.  Nothing says “stay away” like seeing unsavoury exchanges on your candidate’s timeline.....



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Telephonic Interview

The Cover Letter

Interview Questions

Counteroffer Acceptance

Interview Advice

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